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Integrating Facebook Login


Integrating Facebook Login Facebook login is considered as one of the most preferable way for authenticating users. This approach is also very convenient for the users as Facebook has very deep reach among users. This post will illustrate as to how to integrate Facebook login as a way of authenticating users. We will be using Javascript SDK provided by Facebook. ... Read More »

jQuery detecting scroll- scroll reaching to the bottom of page

jQuery detecting scroll- scroll reaching to the bottom of page Detecting scroll and executing login based on scrolling has important significance in web development like implementing pagination, where more data gets loaded when user scrolls near the bottom of page. So, first basic question arises as to how to detect scroll. OR, if you are a jQuery freak, you can ... Read More »

Anti cross-site scripting (XSS) filter for Java web applications


XSS (cross-site scripting)is the most prevalent web application security flaw. XSS flaws occur when an application includes user supplied data in a page sent to the browser without properly validating or escaping that content. Detection of most XSS flaws is fairly easy via testing or code analysis. How Do I Prevent ‘Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)’? HTML escaping Escaping of Input Escaping ... Read More »

How to handle HTTP error 414 Request-URI Too Long


Typically Web servers set fairly generous limits on length for URL query string e.g. up to 2048 or 4096 characters. While running a web application in Tomcat & HTTP Apache server, we came across a situation where we were asked to handle an extremely long URL query strings. Which was throwing HTTP 414 “Request-URI Too Long” error. For this situation ... Read More »