GIT: Replace the master branch with working branch

There is no direct way to replace the master branch of your git project with the working branch (or any other branch), but with the ‘ours‘ strategy of the GIT, you can achieve this task. This strategy will replace the master branch entirely with the working branch. Lets do this step by step: Checkout the working branch (say working_branch) Merge ... Read More »

Configure Spring RestTemplate with OkHttp3 in Spring Boot Application


Okhttp3 is a popular HTTP client implementation for Java and we can easily embed it in our Spring Boot RestTemplate abstraction. Below is the Bean definition which binds the instance of Okhttp3 client with RestTemplate. Now to integrate in our implementation class we just need to autowire the Resttemplate to use this customized Okhttp3 based resttemplate. How to use RestTemplate ... Read More »

Configure Spring RestTemplate with HttpClient in the Spring Boot Application


In this post we will learn how to configure Spring RestTemplate with HttpClient in the Spring boot Applications. This example supports both HTTP and HTTPS. It Uses a connection-pool configurations to re-use connections and save overhead of creating connections. It has configurable request and socket timeouts, keep-alive strategy and also close idle connection strategy to monitor inactive connections and clean ... Read More »

Redirect your wordpress site from http to https using .htaccess rule


Once you have added an SSL certificate to your domain, the next thing that needs to configure your site is to forcefully redirect from HTTP to HTTPS. If your site has been configured using WordPress, then you can do the required changes using the .htaccess file. .htaccess file is located at the main directory of the WordPress project, ie; in ... Read More »

Autowiring Components from external jars in Spring Boot Project


In an Spring Boot project, sometimes we have to autowire components which are available in another jar or in another module which is added as a jar in the main module of the project. Considering the use case of my spring boot application, I created my Spring Boot project, using maven modules. One of the modules was called daolayer, one ... Read More »

Invalid JSON if integer value starts with 0


If any integer value in the JSON starts with 0, the parser will throw an error as “invalid key:value pair” or “SyntaxError: Unexpected number in JSON at position xx” . The reason of this error is because if the integer begins with leading 0 then it will consider this value as Octal number. As Octal number always starts with 0 ... Read More »

Hide an End-points from Swagger Documentation in Spring Boot REST API


In this article, we will learn how to hide any end-points or entire controller for swagger documentation. While integrating Swagger with our Spring Boot REST API application we often require to hide some of the endpoints from the end-user, sometimes an entire Class of implementation is to be hidden from the end-user because these are some private types of endpoints. ... Read More »

Spring Boot REST API – Log Incoming HTTP Requests


For our spring boot RESTFul API application, it becomes essential to log all the API requests and responses to our debugging purpose. We came across lots of different approaches to solve the logging problem. We will discuss here CommonsRequestLoggingFilter which is a spring built-in request logging solution, which we can configure by just adding one bean and enabling some of ... Read More »

How to document Controller and Model class using Swagger2 in Spring Boot REST project


In our article Integrate Swagger2 with Spring Boot REST API, we learned to integrate Swagger2 in our Spring Boot REST application. Here in this article, we will learn how to document the Controller and Model class of our Spring Boot project using annotations provided by Springfox Swagger 2. Controller Class Documentation To document our controller class we will use @Api, ... Read More »