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GIT: Replace the master branch with working branch

There is no direct way to replace the master branch of your git project with the working branch (or any other branch), but with the ‘ours‘ strategy of the GIT, you can achieve this task. This strategy will replace the master branch entirely with the working branch. Lets do this step by step: Checkout the working branch (say working_branch) Merge ... Read More »

git .gitignore not working

If we come across a situation when we feels that the .gitignore file is not working then you are required to run these below commands- git rm -rf --cached . This removes any changed files from the staging area, then run the below command- git add . After running these above commands, now run the commit command and see the ... Read More »

Integration of Android Studio and Git


This tutorial explains how to use Git Version Control with Android Studio. Git is a distributed version control system. Git is a best choice among all the version control software like CVS, SVN etc. Android studio comes with Git client. All we need to do is just enable and start using it. As a prerequisite, we need to have Git ... Read More »