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MyEclipse: Runtime Error R6025 “pure virtual function call”

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Sometimes while opening some files or during starting we encounter the below mentioned error and our MyEclipse gets crashed –

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library 
Runtime Error! 

Program: C:\...\jdk-1.6.0\bin\javaw.exe 

- pure virtual function call

Solution for this problem is –

  • 1) . Open the file workbench.xml in the location
  • 2) . Delete all the tag (This contains the list of open files).

    Note: Some suggest to change the “activePart” attribute of the editor tag from true to false, but when I tried that doesn’t worked for me, so I deleted.

  • 3). Restart the MyEclipse.
  • 4). Open the problematic file (which caused the MyEclipse to crash) using “text editor”. (Rt click the file- open with- text editor).