How to install HTTP Apache, MySql, PHP, PhpMyAdmin from source-Part 2


Install HTTP Apache from source

1. Download source mysql-5.6.24-linux-glibc2.5-x86_64.tar.gz from

2. Copy the downloaded file to folder where you want to install MySql, for my case I copied in /opt/soft-install/ directory

3. Extract the file at this location, command to extract

cp -av mysql-5.6.24-linux-glibc2.5-x86_64.tar.gz /opt/soft-install/
tar -zxvf mysql-5.6.24-linux-glibc2.5-x86_64.tar.gz
mv mysql-5.6.24-linux-glibc2.5-x86_64 mysql-5.6

4. Go to the bin directory of the installation folder and run the following commands

cd /opt/soft-install/mysql-5.6/bin/
useradd -r -g mysql mysql

cd /opt/soft-install/mysql-5.6/scripts/
./mysql_install_db --basedir=/opt/soft-install/mysql-5.6 --datadir=/opt/soft-install/mysql-5.6/data --user=mysql

cd /opt/soft-install/mysql-5.6
vi my.cnf

Here ensure that the path for basedir, datadir amd port is as per the installation requirements. For my case I have mentioned the below path and port

cd /opt/soft-install/mysql-5.6/bin/
./mysqld --explicit_defaults_for_timestamp 

I have also ensured that the below mentioned path is defined in the my_config.h header file in /opt/soft-install/mysql-5.6/include/my_config.h

#define DEFAULT_MYSQL_HOME "/opt/soft-install/mysql-5.6/"
#define SHAREDIR "/opt/soft-install/mysql-5.6/share"
#define DEFAULT_BASEDIR "/opt/soft-install/mysql-5.6/mysql"
#define MYSQL_DATADIR "/opt/soft-install/mysql-5.6/data"
#define DEFAULT_CHARSET_HOME "/opt/soft-install/mysql-5.6/mysql"
#define PLUGINDIR "/opt/soft-install/mysql-5.6/lib/plugin"
#define DEFAULT_SYSCONFDIR "/opt/soft-install/mysql-5.6/etc"

Here we are now now commands test/start/stop mysql installation

cd /opt/soft-install/mysql-5.6/support-files/
./mysql.server start

Note : Always run this command as a root user

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