HTTP Apache

Configuring HTTP Apache Server and Tomact/ Jboss AS Application server


Download mod_jk ( is a Tomcat connector.) Download HTTP Apache server. And below I am describing the ways to configure mod_jk, HTTP Apache and Tomcat/Jboss AS 1). After downloading mod_jk rename this file as 2). Place this file in the installed directory of apache in the below specified path – [YOUR-APACHE-DIRECTIORY]/modules/ 3). Create the below mentioned files in the ... Read More »

Installation of Apache HTTP Server 2.2.x


1). Download the Apache HTTP Server from the apache official site based on the OS you use.Choose the correct OS based file. 2) Create a installation folder “apache” inside the dev folder. c:\dev\apache – I am going to use this folder path in my further reference. 3) Now run the setup and during the setup process fill the appropriate data ... Read More »